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Since Screen Printing can be done on all types of shirts, jackets and caps, we have devoted a page to each garment type.  Please follow the links above to find information about that item.

Listed below are the basic questions we ask for each garment when we screen print.  There are more specific questions for each garment that you will find on its own page.  You will also find examples of our work for that specific item.

At this time, we do not do 4 color process.

Stuff we need to know!

  • Who is the contact person?
    • Name
    • Phone numbers (day, night, pager, cell, fax)
    • Back-up contact with name and phone numbers
  • When do you need your order completed?
  • Is this order for re-sale?  If yes, we will need a copy of your Sales Tax Permit.  This will be kept in your file.
  • Do you have a already have a logo or do you need one created?
    • If already created, we prefer to have this on a disk for better design quality.  We need to have a the file in a .jpeg or a .gif format.
    • Be aware that if we are provided with only a paper copy, an art prep fee will be charged due to artwork clean-up.  The design will usually look great on paper but when the image is scanned and enlarged any flaws will be apparent.  If the design is created from a paper copy with these flaws, the ink will bleed; thus ruining the design.
    • Is your logo one color or a two or more color design?

For more in depth questions concerning shirt, jackets and caps, please follow the links above.


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