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Though banners come many sizes, textures and colors not every banner will suit every purpose.  We have put together a questionnaire that will help our customers chose the best options for their needs.  Following each questions are important details to consider.  This can be time consuming but worth it in the end.  So without much further ado, let's build your banner!

Stuff we need to know!

  • How do you want your banner to look?
    • Standard banner - all items listed below are included in the total price:
      • one-color lettering
      • On-board computer graphics (thousands of different designs)
    • Other options at additional charges
      • Two or more colors for your lettering ($5.50 per square foot)
      • Custom logos ($35 per hour + $5.50 per square foot)
  • What size of banner do you need?
    • Will be determined by what you need the banner to say.
    • Minimum height requirement is 2 foot.
  • Where will the banner be used?   
    • Location of the  banner will determine the weight or grade of the banner blank.  Please see our MATERIAL LIST for more information.  
    • Inside
    • Where will your banner be outside?
      • On the side of the building
        • Printed on one-side
        • 10 oz to 16 oz material
      • Free standing - tied to posts (if perpendicular to the street, it will need to be printed on both sides of the banner blank.)
      • Suspended over a street - we recommend wind splits
      • If double-sided, we recommend the use of either the Double-Sided 16 oz SIGNTEX or the 18 oz BANTEX banner blanks.  For descriptions on both types of banner blanks, please see our MATERIAL LIST.
      • How long will the banner be used?
  • What color do you want the banner blank to be?
    • The weight of the banner will determine the color choices you have. For example, the 18 oz BANTEX banner is available only in white.
  • How do you want the banner made?
    • Standard banner is made with:
      • grommets
      • ropes
    • Other options for your banner, at no extra cost:
      • d-rings on the corners, which make for a sturdier banner, and grommets evenly spaced around the rest of the banner.  If you chose this option, you will need to purchase the ropes separately.
      • Pole Pockets
      • Gussets

We provide our customers with a scaled paper version of the banner for their approval.  The banner will not be made until the artwork has been approved.


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